Fight property Taxes by Celebrating The Constitution on Sept 17 2011 at Detroit Rock City

I'm fighting to keep my property after the county property taxed me to the point they "foreclosed" or STOLE my property to sell to someone else. Just the same as if I demanded money from a neighbor so I wouldn't steal his property, but he could no longer pay me, so I stole his property as I said I would. I took it to a pawn shop and sold it. Am I a thief? Or a tax collector ?

On Sept 17th 5pm we will join others in a public reading of the original constitution for the United States of America....

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From: Jeff Saxon

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Collection of Property Taxes Tax Collector Role

Course is a brief overview on Collection of Property Taxes and the Tax Collector's Role in that.

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Pay Your Property Taxes Online

The Palm Beach County Tax Collector offers online payments. Convenient, fast and secure - find out how you can avoid the lines and make your payment from the comfort of your home.

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Delinquent Property Taxpayers about to get Socked

Foreclosure Crisis Having Impact on Delinquent Taxes

This is a bad time of year for delinquent property taxpayers.

Local tax collectors are about to begin a yearly ritual that puts homeowners who don't pay their taxes on the hook for *interest on what they owe, sometimes as much as 18-percent interest. It's the annual tax certificate sale, and it brings in big profits for...

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Charlotte County overcharges property taxes, addresses costly error

Residents who paid property taxes at the beginning of the month were charged an extra .075 percent, according to the county tax collector. The tax bills were sent out on Oct. 31 across the county. More:

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Charter-Cox Local Edition with San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister

Charter-Cox Local Edition Host Brad Pomerance interviews San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister about the success of a recent property auction by the County.

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From: CH: 188

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Property Taxes Due in Calhoun County

The tax collector's office mailed a notification of property taxes due to homeowners October 1st. Taxes due become delinquent after December 31st. The Calhoun County Tax Collector's office has extended the deadline.

Taxpayers may mail the payment postmarked by January 10th or go online before that new deadline. Delinquent property owner's names will be released to the local newspaper in March.

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From: TV24 News

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Prepaying 2018 taxes

Tax collector Lidia Leszczynski is seeing a big increase of Montclair residents prepaying 2018 property taxes after the recent tax law changes. (Video by Ed Murray | NJ Advance Media)

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Title Company Owner Turns Detective to Uncover Fraud Case NBC 6 South Florida

Title Company Owner Turns Detective to Uncover Fraud Case NBC 6 South Florida.

Title company owner Kevin Tacher noticed red flags when Henry Ferguson came to him for a closing on a Broward County property.

Surveillance cameras were recording the action at Independence Title in Fort Lauderdale earlier this month. The cameras caught what on the surface looks like a typical closing on a Broward County property. But Fort Lauderdale Police believe the cameras caught a crime underway.

Tacher knows...

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From: Kevin Tacher

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Hinds County tax statements confuse some property owners

The Hinds County Tax Collectors office recently started sending out what appear to be tax bills to homeowners.

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