Due Date To File Income Tax Return Assessment Year 2015-16 ...

Tags:due date for filing of income tax return for ay 2015-16,last date of filing income tax return for ay�2015-16,last date of�individual return filing,it return last date 2015 last...

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When is the Deadline for a Business Tax Extension in 2014?

When is the Deadline for a Business Tax Extension in 2014?

Tax Season 2014

We all know April 15 is " tax day ."� But if you own a business, your company might have a different filing deadline.� The first step in figuring out the tax return filing deadline for your business is determining what type of business entity you have.� This blog post will address the tax filing deadline for sole...

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October 15 Tax Deadline Filing 2014 Federal Tax Extension

If you filed for a federal tax extension in April, your tax returns�need to be filed by October 15. Taxes are normally due on�April 15�every year, but taxpayers are eligible to file for an automatic extension if they need more time. The Tax Resolution Institute provides tax resolution services for taxpayers who need help with delinquent tax debts and unfiled tax returns.�

What the Tax...

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What Is Your Business Tax Return Due Date?

Corporation tax returns are generally due on the 15th day of the fourth month after the end of the company's financial year. For example, a corporation with a year-end date of December 31 must file and pay taxes by April 15.

However, if your business's fiscal year ends on June 30, you must file Form 1120 by the 15th day of the third month.

S Corporation

S Corporations, or S Corps , are corporations that only pay taxes on personal income. File Form 1120-S, U.S. Income Tax Return for an S Corporation, if your business is structured as an S Corp. Individual owners receive Schedule K-1, showing distributions from the corporation.

An S...

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2019 Tax Deadlines for Filing 2018 Business Returns ...

Knowing about tax deadline or when are business tax returns due is quite a common thought when the year is near the end. The business owner often out-source� the tax filing and accounting� job, still it is important for them to keep the tax calendar updated. So this post is for all of them� .The tax filing deadline under IRS rules depends on the type of business� entity. Therefore , your...

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Self Assessment Tax Returns Software SA100

Andica Self Assessment Software Overview

Andica Self Assessment Software (for Individual tax payers)

Andica Self Assessment tax software for Personal tax returns can be used by Individual tax payers or Professionals. The software is supplied in two editions:

Andica Self Assessment Personal edition that provides HMRC (Inland Revenue) self assessment tax return solution suitable for use by...

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Tax Return Contact Phone Number - 0844 248 2559

SA106- gains or income from abroad

SA108- capital gains

SA109- non-UK residents

If you are sending a tax return on behalf of a company, you'll need form SA700. If you're sending due to a partnership, use form SA800. For estates and trusts, use form SA900.

Tax Calculator

You can use the HMRC tax calculator to estimate how much National Insurance contributions and tax you will pay on a salary. You...

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Tax Preparation - File Your Taxes in SC | M & M Tax Service

You can take tax preparation and filing costs

out of your tax refund.

It's Tax Money Time!

Biggest and Fastest Refunds Allowed by the IRS, Guaranteed.

Tax season is really tax refund season ( i.e. Tax Money Time)!

At M & M Tax Service, it is our goal to bring you the best tax money products and solutions every year.

Learn More

Tax Preparation starts at $69

That's right, tax preparation at M & M...

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Tax Calculator Spreadsheet

Tax Calculator Spreadsheet - We make tax filing easy! Spend less, but get more with the best tax preparation software. The easy, simple, and 100% accurate way to file taxes online.

���� ����

Tax Calculator Spreadsheet

Misconduct in preparing and submitting your company's tax return will support other costs and...

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Partnership and LLC Tax Returns New Due Date is March 15 ...

Contact us if you have questions about the new filing deadlines for tax returns or information returns, or you want to file an extension.

Eric Cohen

Eric Cohen, CPA is the President and Founder of E. Cohen and...

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Deadline for filing tax returns further extended - The Nation

The FBR has extended due date for filing of Income Tax Returns/Statements by salaried individuals, other individuals and AOPs, till November 30, 2017. "Extension of date has been approved by the Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on the proposal of FBR, in view of requests...

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E-File Form 7004 | 1120, 1120S, 1065 and 1041 Tax ...

E-File 7004 & Avoid Late Filing Penalties

Get an automatic extension up to 7 months to file your business taxes.

Quickly and easily e-file with our tax extension software.

E-file Now

The IRS Form 7004 is an extension form for getting an automatic extension of time to file certain business income tax, information, and other returns. Form 7004 is now automatic, meaning you do not need to include a...

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Self- Assessment and Tax Return Accountants, London

Home > Accounting Services for you and your family > Self- Assessment and Tax Return Accountants, London

free Initial consultation - Call Now :0208 914 8887

Self- Assessment and Tax Return Accountants, London

Tax Return

Most taxpayers end up paying more tax due to lack of awareness regarding personal tax laws or the burden of under- qualified accountants. Here are a few ways via which we solve...

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Swiss tax return deadlines | LPG Geneva

Exceptional extension: September 30

Special case extension: after September 30

A Swiss tax return extension can be requested by internet (registration required) by courier or fax. In this case, fees may be between 10 and 40 CHF and will be billed according to the duration of the agreed upon extension (from 3 to 5 months).

Swiss VAT return filing: quarterly VAT breakdown

The Swiss VAT return filing is due at the end of each quarter + 2 months.

Q1 VAT filing: May 31

Q2 VAT (or 1st half year) filing: August...

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IRS sets date to start accepting tax returns in 2019

Tax return filing in 2019: January 28 is the first day to file!

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It's official: Tax season will begin Monday, January 28 this year. That's the first day the...

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Important Rules for Filing a Business Tax Extension Form 7004

Both individuals and businesses are allowed to file a tax extension, which gives extra time to file their income tax return. The due dates and the rules for filing a business tax extension differ from the personal tax extensions. Based on the type of the business, the extension period differs from 5 to 7 months, which starts from the original due date of the tax return . For instance, when a...

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What is a Corporate Tax Return? (with picture) - wisegeek.com

A corporate tax return is a form filed by a corporation which reports earnings or losses of income by a business throughout a fiscal year. In the US, corporations typically file tax returns to the state in which the business operates as well as to the federal government's Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ). While rules and jurisdictions for states and other countries vary, the IRS requires a...

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Filing Deadline Changes for Partnerships, Corporations ...

Under the current filing rules, most calendar year partnership tax returns are due on the same day as individual income tax returns: April 15. Generally for 2016 tax year returns, the Highway Act accelerates the due date to March 15 for filing partnership tax returns and issuing Schedules K-1 to partners (the same due date as S corporations).

Partnerships and limited liability companies need to...

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2018 Tax Due Dates | Renner

February 8, 2018

Renner Business News, February 8, 2018--Mark Your Calendar--2018 Tax Due Dates

Tax is all about deadlines.  We may have a blizzard, a flu epidemic or a government shutdown, but the IRS deadlines will stand.  Last year there were some major changes to the deadlines for filing certain tax returns, so you may want to check your calendar.  Here's a list of some of the more basic...

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Form 2290, file and pay the IRS Federal Heavy Vehicle Use ...


Federal Highway Use Tax Form 2290, e-File it Today!

The highway use tax ( HVUT Form 2290 ) applies to highway motor vehicles with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. 2290 tax returns must be filed and tax payments must be paid by August. 31st for the...

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Form 2290, file and pay the IRS Federal Heavy Vehicle Use ...


Federal Highway Use Tax Form 2290, e-File it Today!

The highway use tax ( HVUT Form 2290 ) applies to highway motor vehicles with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. 2290 tax returns must be filed and tax payments must be paid by August. 31st for the...

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Where to send your corporate tax returns in Canada?

Most corporations in Canada have an obligation to file a corporate tax return for each taxation year, even if they do not have to pay taxes that year. So many companies find themselves faced with countless documents to complete every year. At the very least, it can be said that filing your corporate taxes is a complex task!

When it comes to filing your tax returns, it's important to send your...

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Outsource Tax Preparation in India | Tax Outsourcing ...

Other Services

Tax Preparation and Returns Outsourcing Services

SandMartin's tax preparation services provides CA/CPA firms and Tax service providers of almost any size with a great new way of handling their tax compliance workload and meeting filing timing deadlines, it is no doubt a life saver for many firms.

We have considerable experience in UK, US & Australia individual tax preparation.


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Here's your estimated 2019 tax refund schedule - Clark Howard

Here's your estimated 2019 tax refund schedule

Image Credit: Dreamstime

Team Clark is adamant that we will never write content influenced by or paid for by an advertiser. To support our work, we do make money from some links to companies and deals on our site. Learn more about our guarantee here .


Wondering when you might get the refund for your 2018 taxes from the IRS this year? It depends on when you file (along with a few other variables), but read on to know what you you should expect.

Here's when you can look forward to your tax refund in 2019...

The IRS began accepting...

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Tax Preparation Outsourcing, Tax Returns Outsourcing India ...

Fin Tax Experts is a well-known outsourcing company, recognized as the leader in tax returns outsourcing in India. Our extensive tax compliance services range from consultation on problematical issues to providing partial or complete outsourced tax preparation and accounting services.

Our services

Our in-house team comprises of industry-specific tax professionals having vast experience in their...

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10 Important Tax Dates for 2016 | The Fiscal Times

Half the grunt work involving taxes is knowing how much time you have to get certain tasks done. Of course, you know the deadline to file taxes. (Or, do you? This year is different.) But there are other key dates that may affect your filing.

For example, Jan. 15 is the deadline for self-employed workers and others who pay quarterly estimated tax to pay their fourth-quarter tax payment for 2015....

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California Business Income Tax Extensions | TaxExtension.com

Getting a California business tax extension depends on the type of business you're filing for. All of California's tax extensions are paperless, meaning there are no forms or applications to file. Note that sole proprietorships seeking a state extension should look to California's personal tax extension guidelines instead.


California corporation tax returns are due by the 15th day of...

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S Corp Tax Return Due Date: Everything You Need to Know


S Corp Tax Return Due Date: Everything You Need to Know

The S corporation tax return due date falls on the same date each year, March 15. 3 min read

The S corporation tax return due date falls on the same date each year, March 15. It includes the possibility of a six-month extension if you file Form 7004. S corporations have to file an annual tax return, among a number of other documents, to the IRS. These taxes mainly relate to the wages that are paid to the company's employees.

S-Corp Federal Tax Filing Dates�

"Pass-through" entity means the income and losses of the corporation go directly to the shareholders. In turn, they...

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Tax Return Filing Deadline - Singapore Individual and ...

Tax return filing deadline for businesses and individuals

Running a business in Singapore either as a foreigner or as local requires that you know the tax return filing deadline, which, thankfully, is not too hard to do if you have the assistance of a small business accounting firm, such as J Accounting Pte Ltd. The body mandated by law to collect revenue in Singapore is the Inland Revenue...

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Tax Returns Preparation Outsourcing Services | AccountingWEB

Businesses of all sizes, small and large, need year-round planning to ensure their�tax returns�are�prepared accurately and on time. However, it is not always possible for all companies to invest the resources, capital and time required for tax returns preparation. This, sometimes, even becomes a compliance and financial burden for companies, as it is not easy to collect records of all...

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TurboTax 2018 - 2019 Military Tax Software

The TurboTax Military Tax Software Guidance is designed to take the complications out of military tax filing for you and your family by helping you handle the tough questions.

TurboTax Military Support helps you determine what you can deduct, who you can claim, what tax law changes effect you, what military benefits you qualify for, how to file a joint return with a deployed service...

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Why the 2017 private tax deadline was moved to April 18

Most individuals know April 15 because the deadline for submitting private tax returns, however this isn't all the time the case. When the date falls on a weekend, it's typically moved to the next Monday. However, for the 2017 deadline, the Internal Revenue Service ....

More about...

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Michigan Corporation Tax Return Due Date - upcounsel.com

Q4 January 22, 2019.

Annual Filing

Annual filing dates in 2018 vary by state. The universal deadline, however, is February 28, 2019.

Late Filing

If filing your taxes on time is not possible, a state tax extension is available. A business extension in Michigan allows filing until the last day of the eighth month beyond the date of your original return deadline.

Even if you have a federal tax...

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Free Military Tax Software for the 2017 - 2018 Tax Season

Free Military Tax Software

For 2017 - 2018 Income Tax Filing

Specialized Military Tax Software Programs are designed to make tax preparation for U.S. Military members much easier to complete, and generally include a customized tax interview process that asks questions specific to the tax returns for armed force personnel.

There are several choices along with Free Options that...

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H&R Block 2017 - 2018 Military OneSource Tax Software

Military OneSource offers a free electronic tax filing service for U.S. Armed Force Troops. The Military OneSource Free Tax Filing Services Features H&R Block At Home® Online Tax Return Preparation.

Those who are eligible under the Military OneSource tax program, can complete, save, and file their federal and up to three state returns online for free with the H&R Block At...

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Completing your Tax Return – the basics « TaxAid

Completing your Tax Return - the basics

PLEASE NOTE: The charity TaxAid advises only those people on low incomes whose problems cannot be resolved with HMRC.

Completing your Tax Return - the basics

Help with your Tax Return guide


Many people find the tax return form daunting. But in most cases, you only need to complete a small number of the boxes on the return. HMRC is encouraging people to...

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Nevada Commerce Tax | Forms | Tax Preparation | Audits

What is the Nevada Commerce Tax?

The Nevada Commerce Tax is a tax on revenue generated in Nevada. �The tax started accruing on July 1, 2015 and the first tax return is due August 15, 2016 for the previous fiscal year. �The fiscal year is based on Nevada's fiscal year of June 30th. �The rates for the tax are based on the business entity classification. �There are several exemptions from taxable income. �Also there is a...

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India Tax Return Calendar & Tax Filing Deadlines - Work My ...

India Tax Calendar

June 15

Payment of first instalment of advance tax up to 15% in Challan No. 280 (for companies only). For the financial year 2015-16. Assessment year 2016-17.

July 31

Return of income for A.Y. 2015-16, by-- (I) Salaried employees and other individuals having incomes other than from business, in Form ITR-1 or 2 (II) non-company assessees having business income (not required to get their accounts audited) in Form ITR-3, 4 or 5.This date has been extended to 31st August for current year only.

August 31

Annual Information Return in Form 61A for the year 2014 - 15

September 15

Payment of first...

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Using a tax professional isn't low cost, however can prevent lots

The common worth for getting ready a easy tax return (Form 1040, Schedule A and Schedule S) begins at round $ 200. ... But almost one in 4 individuals who qualify fail to say it. This credit score can prevent as a lot as $ S,242, so it may...

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How to file Income Tax Returns (ITR) of previous years in ...

You are here: Home > Taxation

How to file Income Tax Returns (ITR) of previous years in India?

Suresh KP

How to file Income Tax Returns (ITR) of previous years in India?

Salaried people, business men, partnership firms and companies need to file income tax returns on the income / profits they earn. We need to file income tax returns every year by 31st July pertaining to previous financial year....

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What Is A UTR Number and How Do I Get One?

What is a UTR number?

A UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) number or tax reference is a 10 digit code that's unique to either you or your company. Your UTR number identifies you personally with HMRC for things related to your tax obligations.

If you have a UTR number and work in trades�- you need to complete a tax return and may be owed a tax rebate . RIFT can help.

If you have a UTR number and...

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Website: https://www.riftrefunds.co.uk

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Your Taxes: Filing deadlines for 2014 tax returns ...

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money. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Filling in tax returns is never a pleasure, but when it comes to annual deadlines, Israel is relatively civilized. There is no mad rush to file by April 15, unlike the situation in the United States, for example.

On May 15, the Israel Tax Authority (ITA) announced extended deadlines for the 2014 annual tax return.

Be the first to know - Join our...

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10 common Self-Assessment Tax Return mistakes and how to ...

This article explains how to get started with your tax return, and how to avoid common mistakes that people make on their self assessment tax return.

Before revealing the common tax return errors, it's worth highlighting that the self assessment tax return process will be changing significantly in the coming years. To help you understand how it might affect you, it's worth reading our guide...

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Date: 2018-01-22 15:14:47
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Filing Income Tax Returns in India - India Briefing News

Previously, one could file income tax returns for the previous two years; this has now been reduced to one year.

Tax returns must be filed by the deadline of July 31, 2018, where the income earned during FY 2017-18 will be accounted for. (For AY 2018-19, the government has extended the deadline to August 31, 2018.)

Income tax return filing for FY 2017-18: Notable changes and provisions

Much of...

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Deadlines for tax lodgement in 2017 and 2018 | Xero

Deadlines for tax lodgement in 2017 and 2018

Key dates for businesses and individuals

James Solomons

Xero Head of Accounting

Important note: All information is current as of early August 2017. This article is aimed at promoting general awareness of tax dates and deadlines only.

A 2017 tax return is for income earned between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017. It is sometimes called the 2016-17...

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Website: https://www.xero.com

How to File Taxes Online for Free: Filing Tax Returns 2018 ...

By Martha C. White

January 19, 2018

Learning how to file taxes is one of those life skills that seems more intimidating than it is. There are a slew of products and services -- both free and paid -- to help taxpayers master their W-2s and 1099s even if they're not sure how to file taxes.

Where Do I Start If I Don't Know How to File Taxes?

Fire up your computer. More than 90% of Americans file...

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Non-Resident Landlords | Owning and Renting Out UK Property

Additional rate�


If the taxpayers are also liable to tax in a foreign country on their UK property income, they will need to claim credit for the UK tax against foreign tax charged on the same income in the country of residence.

If a non-resident company owns property in the UK then it must also pay tax on any rental income it receives but the above graduated rates do not apply and tax will...

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Sole Trader Vs Limited Company - Companies MadeSimple

This calculator is brought to you by TaxAssist accountants:

The Accountancy and Tax Service for Small Business

The differences between a Sole Trader

and a Limited Company

Each structure has advantages and disadvantages which are outlined below to help you choose the best option for you circumstances



A limited company is its own legal identity, so as a shareholder your liability is...

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Website: https://www.companiesmadesimple.com

Tax Calendar Software - AKORE TAX



Akore® Tax Calendar Software is a Business Ready sophisticated easy to use tool designed to Capture, Generate, Schedule, Categorize, Report, Track and Manage all aspects of any type Tax Return, Business License, Notices and Obligations. These include but are not limited to Sales and Use Tax, Income Tax, Motor Fuels Tax, Franchise Tax,...

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Website: http://akoretax.com

S corp FAQ: How does S corporation prepare its tax return?


A handful of quick tips about preparing a profit and loss statement:

Tip #1: While you might be tempted to create all sorts of business-specific or industry-specific expense categories, try to combine these specific-to-your-situation terms into a logical, traditional category. Water, sewer, gas and garbage might all be grouped together as "utilities", for example.

Tip #2: Remember that...

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Website: http://www.scorporationsexplained.com