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If you have any queries or require any help with regards to your Licence or your Vehicle then call the appropriate DVLA helpline number  0844 385 1241

The DVLA is the place to renew tax discs, set up road tax payments, send for a driving licence, they also register and provide tachograph cards for lorries. You will also have to notify them if you decide to sell your car.

You must make sure you...

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Vehicle Tax - FAQs | Post Office

Vehicle Tax FAQs

Vehicle Tax FAQs

Vehicle tax left you stuck in a jam? Not to worry - here are a few things you might need to know.

Which documents do I need to renew my tax?

You need either a reminder from the DVLA (known as a V11) or your Registration Certificate (known as a V5C). 

If you have lost your V5C Registration Certificate, you can tax using a (V62) form for taxing a vehicle

If taxing...

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