TurboTax Canada 2018 - 2019 Software: Tax Return Preparation

FREE income tax software

�Do your taxes online for free if you earned less than $20,000 in 2013.

You can prepare your taxes anytime from anywhere on any computer with an Internet connection.

Do You Qualify for Free Edition?

If your household income is below $20,000 gross (before taxes), you can prepare your taxes with the Free TurboTax Canada online edition.� Prepare your tax return - and...

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TurboTax Canada: Canadian Tax Software

Canadian Tax Software

The TurboTax Canada Free Online Edition is ideal for Canadians with only income to claim. Plus, get help when you need it by accessing the Live Community, where you can connect with other users while preparing your taxes online.

You can qualify to use the Free Online Edition if you:

Receive T-slips such as T4s and T4As

Have tip income or pension income to...

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Website: http://taxreturnsoftware.com

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Canada Tax Return Calculator 2018 / 2019

Canada Tax Return Calculator 2018 / 2019

Welcome to the Canada Taxxxx calculator

Welcome to the Canadian Tax Return Calculator. Before you get started we suggest that, if you are new to the Canadian Tax Calculator, you read through the below information.

You can hide this introduction if you prefer, simply click on the red cross [ ] located at the top right of this page. You can view the...

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Website: http://www.canadataxreturncalculator.com

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Canada Income Tax Return for Citizens | Taxbackcanada.ca

You may. We find that one in three Canadian citizens or residents have overpaid tax and is eligible to claim a tax refund. Taxback.com will get you back as much overpaid Canadian tax as is legally possible.

You can get a refund if you:

had too much tax withheld;

paid more installments than necessary; or

are eligible to claim extra refundable credits.

The average refund we get for our Canadian tax...

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Website: https://www.taxbackcanada.ca

Where to send your corporate tax returns in Canada?

Most corporations in Canada have an obligation to file a corporate tax return for each taxation year, even if they do not have to pay taxes that year. So many companies find themselves faced with countless documents to complete every year. At the very least, it can be said that filing your corporate taxes is a complex task!

When it comes to filing your tax returns, it's important to send your...

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Website: https://t2inc.ca

Free Canada tax software(AdvTax NETFILE/EFILE 2019)-Fast ...

FREE for Canadian taxpayers to use AdvTax NETFILE to online submit tax return.

o� Mobile Demo - Auto fill my Return: The full process of registering a user, adding the taxpayer information, Auto fill the tax slips, submitting tax return to CRA can be completed for just 3 minute 45 seconds. This video clip will show you how easy and fast the AdvTax is.

o� Demo 1 - For single person: The full...

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Website: aclasssoft.com

Tax Refund for Visitors who Worked in Canada ...

When can I get my tax back?

The Canadian tax year is from January 1st to December 31st and you have up to ten years to claim a tax refund from Canada.

For 2016 Canada tax refunds: If you're working in Canada this year we can apply for your tax refund from mid February 2017. Register online today and send us your documents when you finish work so we can claim your tax back as soon as possible.


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Website: https://www.taxbackcanada.ca

UFile for Free, Tax Software Canada | UFile

Is your tax return simple but you still want to NETFILE for a faster refund?

UFile ONLINE is absolutely free if you are reporting only employment income (one single T4) or income from a Canadian Government pension (OAS or CPP/QPP). You must also be entitled only to standard non-refundable tax credits, and have no other deductions or credits such as RRSPs, charitable donations or medical expenses. Your return may be simple but preparing and filing is not. Thank goodness, now there's UFileFREE!

Start UFile ONLINE for FREE


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Website: ufile.ca

Prepare Quarterly IFTA Fuel Use Tax Returns online ...

Preparing IFTA Fuel Use Tax

online is COST-EFFECTIVE...

A step-by-step approach, allows for accurate IFTA Tax

preparation and a support desk to walk you through.


What is IFTA Tax?

The International Fuel Tax Agreement is a tax collection agreement by and among the 48 contiguous States and the 10 Canadian Provinces bordering the US.

Uniform administration of motor fuels use taxation...

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TaxTips.ca - Methods of Filing Your Tax Return

Tax Return Filing Methods

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Looking for US tax information?

See USTaxTips.net

Need an accounting, tax or financial advisor? Look in our...

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7 Ways to Get a Bigger Tax Return - Canada Drives

7 Ways to Get a Bigger Tax Return

February 25, 2019

While we all have to pay taxes, there are various deductions and tax credits available to help us maximize our tax refund - many that Canadians are unaware of!

The Canadian government is always making changes to the deductions that are available to us, therefore it is well worth the time and effort to find out the deductions and tax credits that...

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Website: https://www.canadadrives.ca

StudioTax - Canadian Personal Income Tax Software

StudioTax is the pioneer free tax software in Canada. This is where free tax software started!

Proudly Canadian: StudioTax is made in Canada, only made for Canada and supported from Canada.

You do not have to guess what version you need or can afford. Only one fully functional version with 20 returns is available for all at the affordable cost of $0.00/return and regardless of level of...

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Website: studiotax.com

StudioTax - Canadian Personal Income Tax Software


StudioTax 2018 is certified by both CRA and Revenue Quebec.

If you already have StudioTax 2018 installed, then you will need to use the Help->Check for updates menu as shown at this link to get the certified update.

StudioTax 2018 is the version required to prepare and file the 2018 returns(due by April 30, 2019)

press to go to the download page of the Windows version.

press to go to...

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Website: studiotax.com

StudioTax - Canadian Personal Income Tax Software

StudioTax is the pioneer free tax software in Canada. This is where free tax software started!

Proudly Canadian: StudioTax is made in Canada, only made for Canada and supported from Canada.

You do not have to guess what version you need or can afford. Only one fully functional version with 20 returns is available for all at the affordable cost of $0.00/return and regardless of level of...

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Website: http://studiotax.com

Free Canadian Tax Software 2017 | TurboTax® 2018 Canada

Questions and Answers

Can I use my phone or tablet to do my taxes with TurboTax Online?

Yes. TurboTax Online runs in your web browser, so any device with a current web browser will work. Unfortunately, TurboTax is not responsive, so you may have to scroll on devices with smaller screens to see everything.

What kind of system requirements do I need to run TurboTax Online?

TurboTax Online runs in...

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Website: https://turbotax.intuit.ca

Income Tax Return - Preparation Fees | Tax Refund Fees ...

Taxback.com provides you with the best value for money tax refund service available anywhere in the world. We guarantee to get you the fastest, maximum, legal tax refund and our services and fees reflect this.

Our initial estimation of your tax refund is free - whether you get it online, on email or on the phone from our staff - and there's no obligation to use our service.

Once you send us your...

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Website: https://www.taxback.com

CRA moves to increase tax filing online | CBC News

Canada Revenue has also stopped mailing people who use the online service Netfile an individual access code. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press )

The Canada Revenue Agency wants more people to file their personal income tax returns online.

The agency has discontinued its free Telefile service that allowed people with basic returns to file by entering their tax information using the telephone.


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Website: cbc.ca

Which free software should you use to file your income tax ...

Mon., April 16, 2018

Canadian taxpayers have until April 30 to submit their personal taxes for 2017. Despite that deadline fast approaching, many wait until the last minute to prepare and file their taxes.

The good news for do-it-yourself tax filers is that basic tax preparation software is free and rather intuitive to use. Two of the main free software providers are TurboTax and...

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Website: https://www.thestar.com

Income Tax Return: Filing in Canada | TurboTax® Canada

Filing an Income Tax Return? Choose TurboTax.

Canada's #1 Best-Selling Tax Software1

Millions of Canadians have trusted TurboTax to get their taxes done right.2

What do you expect from income tax software? For starters, it should be easy, right? It should be affordable... and come with plenty of support along the way (because you're not a tax preparer, after all). And it should be 100% accurate &...

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Website: http://shop.turbotax.ca

78 Tax Tips For Canadians For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you choose to paper-file your return, the address where you send your tax return depends on where you live. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) sends you mailing labels in your tax package each year, but if you've misplaced them you can visit the CRA Web site to obtain the address of the tax office where you should send your return. You can also call 1-800-959-8281 to request this...

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Website: http://www.dummies.com

Tax Excise - IRS tax form 2290 Authorized e-file Provider

Tax Expert

The most common IRS penalties are for not filing on time and not paying on time. There are almost 150 penalties in the Internal Revenue Code, but these two very common penalties make up 74% of all. 60% of all is Failure to pay penalty, imposed if you don't pay taxes on time. And 14% is Failure to file penalty, imposed if you don't file a return on time. That means majority of the total...

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Website: http://blog.taxexcise.com

Canadian Income Tax Act requires taxpayers to keep records ...

TAXFlash News from IncomeTaxCanada.net

Jim Maroney

:: Canadian Income Tax Act requires taxpayers to keep records and books, including all source documents to verify the information

:: In the wake of another tax year, taxpayers may find themselves faced with yet another pile of paper to file away.

Dealing with ever-expanding storage needs, taxpayers invariably wonder what they are supposed to do...

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Date: 2006-07-07 00:03:12
Website: http://incometaxcanada.net

Filing Your Business Income Tax Return: A 7 Step Guide for ...

Filing Your Business Income Tax Return: A 7 Step Guide for Self-Employed Canadians, Sole Proprietors and Partnerships

By Julie King | March 1, 2013

How do you file a business tax return? How is it different from a typical return and how do you know what forms to use?

Filing your first business income tax return can be confusing, so we have created this 7-step guide to help. Remember: we can only...

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Website: http://www.canadaone.com

After-Tax Returns on Canadian ETFs | Canadian Couch Potato

To help address this problem, Justin Bender spent the last several months creating a calculator for estimating the after-tax returns on Canadian ETFs. He was inspired by Morningstar's US methodology , but he made many significant changes to adapt it for Canada. The new methodology is fully explained in our latest white paper, After-Tax Returns: How to estimate the impact of taxes on ETF...

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Website: http://canadiancouchpotato.com

TurboTax - Wikipedia

Overview[ edit ]

There are a number of different versions, including TurboTax Deluxe, TurboTax Premier, etc. TurboTax is available for both federal and state income tax returns. The software is designed to guide users through their tax returns step-by-step. The TurboTax software provides taxpayers additional support for their self-prepared returns by offering Audit Defense from TaxResources, Inc...

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How to Get More Money Back From Your Tax Return in 2018

It's that time of year again! TAX TIME!� If you didn't get a chance to implement any of my 16 Tax Tips for Year End , don't fret, my friend, there's still time to get more money back from your tax return!� Check out our Wealthsimple Review for the quickest and easiest way to setup an RRSP and supercharge your tax refund.�

I started filing my own taxes last year. Before that, I hired an...

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Website: https://youngandthrifty.ca

How to File Taxes Online in Canada For Free - crackmacs.ca

Most people only have a T4 slip (income tax) from working their regular job and earning a single income. Only having a T4 makes filing your taxes extremely easy. Note! before you file online, make sure your information is up to date with Revenue Canada. If you attempt to file online with a different address than they have on file, it might be rejected.

You can call Revenue Canada and request that...

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Website: https://crackmacs.ca

TaxTips.ca - Non-Resident Workers in Canada

Non-Resident Workers in Canada

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Looking for US tax information?

See USTaxTips.net

Need an accounting, tax or financial advisor? Look in...

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When Should I Utilize The Foreign Tax Credit and When ...


August 8, 2017 - Reply

I have long been trying to understand why most accountants do not take a foreign tax credit for health insurance tax and (in Israel) bituach leumi. The relevant IRS information which I found states that:


The tax must be imposed on you

You must have paid or accrued the tax

The tax must be the legal and actual foreign tax...

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Website: https://www.expattaxcpas.com

Previous Years’ Tax Returns: Previous Years’ Tax Software ...

TurboTax Basic Download

For the 2010 tax year

Do you have T4s & donations... but not much more than that to file? TurboTax Basic for the 2010 tax year may be right for you. Includes just the basics you need:

Step-by-step guidance with the EasyStep[TM] Interview

Government-approved forms

FREE phone & email support1 - plus comprehensive online FAQs

NOTE: TurboTax Basic does not include the...

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Website: http://shop.quickbooks.ca

FAQ Topics | North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner

Federal chartered corporations

Public and private non-profit schools

Hospitals, nursing homes, intermediate, basic care, assisted living facilities, and emergency medical providers licensed by the North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services (on qualifying purchases)

Qualifying voluntary health organizations

To apply, organizations must complete, sign, mail or fax an application to the...

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Website: nd.gov

Cutting edge Canadian tax software - TaxFreeway

Price: $9.95  (per 20 tax returns)

NETFILE Exclusion: None

Price: Apple Store price tier 20 (per 20 tax returns on all three products,  i. e. TaxFreeway for iPad, Windows and Mac)

Exclusion: Multiple Jurisdictions

Price: $14.95  (per 20 tax returns)

NETFILE Exclusion: None

"I've completed my evaluation of replacement tax programs and am now the proud owner of a TaxFreeway...

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Date: 2018-02-17 14:05:38
Website: http://taxfreeway.ca

SimpleTax: Free Canadian Tax Return Software

We've got a ton more here.

100% Awesome Guarantee

We guarantee our calculations are 100% accurate. If you pay a penalty or interest because of our error, we'll reimburse you.

We'll find you your maximum refund. If someone else finds you a larger refund, we'll give back the money you paid us.

If you're not 100% satisfied with SimpleTax, you can choose to pay nothing and still file your tax return. Now that's...

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Date: 2018-03-21 22:07:53
Website: https://simpletax.ca

Tax Filing Deadlines in Canada - Bookkeeping-Essentials.com

Tax Filing Deadlines in Canada

Tax Due Dates By Type of Tax

by L. Kenway BComm CPB

The Bookkeeper's Notes on tax compliance and tax filing deadlines by tax type ...

everything in one place ... for work from home bookkeepers and small business owners doing their own books.

You can scroll down to find what you are looking for or click on one of the QUICK LINKS to go right to the spot.

What You'll...

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Website: http://www.bookkeeping-essentials.com

How to Register for a Sales Tax Permit in California

Who needs a sales tax permit in California?

If you're engaged in business in California, intend to sell or lease tangible personal property that would ordinarily be subject to sales tax if sold at retail, and/or will make sales for a temporary period, normally lasting no longer than 90 days at one or more locations, you need a sales tax permit.

2. How do you register for a sales tax permit in...

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Website: https://blog.taxjar.com

Tax tips for self-employed contractors - Canadian Contractor

February 17, 2017 by Steve Payne

We are approaching income tax time once again.

Just to make it that much more enjoyable, here is an article from our friends at Canada Revenue Agency, on making the most of your deductions. Thanks to Ravinder Dhami at CRA for sending this to us. 


Self-employed? Make dollars and sense of your income tax and benefit return

Being self-employed means more than...

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Website: https://www.canadiancontractor.ca

How to Complete a Canadian GST Return (with Pictures ...

hairstylist and barbershop services [43]


Determine whether you must register for the GST/HST. Generally speaking, anyone who provides taxable supplies in Canada must register for the GST/HST. There are, however, a few exceptions.

Small suppliers (other than taxi services) are not required to register for the GST/HST. Small suppliers are considered any sole proprietor or partnership making...

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Website: https://www.wikihow.com

2017 Disability Tax Credit Guide - T2201 Form, Eligibility ...

Disability Tax Credit (DTC) was established in 1988 by the Canadian government in an effort to help tax paying disabled Canadians and their families offset the various costs of having a disability as well as reduce the amount of income tax a person with a disability (or a family member) would have to pay on an annual basis. The DTC was criticized by many Canadians with disabilities for being too...

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Website: https://disabilitycreditcanada.com