S corp FAQ: Can sole proprietors become S corporations?

Can sole proprietors become S corporations?

Okay, the quick answer to this question is "yes."

One-person businesses can often operate as S corporations. And, in fact, many of the do-it-yourself kits I sell here seem to be purchased by self-employed individuals converting their sole proprietorships to subchapter S corporations.

Why a sole proprietor might use an S corporation

The rationale for...

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Website: http://www.scorporationsexplained.com

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Capital Gains – 2017 - Canada.ca

Capital gain (line A minus line D)


= $2,440


Because only 1/2 of the capital gain is taxable, Mario completes Schedule 3 and reports $1,220 as his taxable capital gain on line 127 of his income tax and benefit return.

When you sell, or are considered to have sold, a capital property for less than its ACB plus the outlays and expenses incurred to sell the property, you have a capital loss. You...

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Date: 2018-03-23 02:55:01
Website: https://www.canada.ca

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AC Belliveau Veinotte Inc. Chartered ... - office@bvca.ca

Individuals with questions regarding Income Tax, HST, and payroll

If you are unsure of where to turn for advice, we can help.

We offer accounting, tax and business consulting services designed to meet your specific needs.� From personal tax returns, incorporations, HST issues, business valuations and estate planning, we have the expertise to deal with today's complex array of business...

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Tax Preparation Services in St. Louis, MO | Free Consultations

Where Taxpayers Become Tax Savers!

Tax Preparation Services in St. Peters, MO

There is no substitute for the experience that a professional tax accountant provides. Tax season is right around the corner, are you prepared to handle your tax return alone? Many individuals and business owners attempt to tackle tax preparation on their own. Unfortunately, this leaves more room for error. As well, you...

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FAQ Topics | North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner

Federal chartered corporations

Public and private non-profit schools

Hospitals, nursing homes, intermediate, basic care, assisted living facilities, and emergency medical providers licensed by the North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services (on qualifying purchases)

Qualifying voluntary health organizations

To apply, organizations must complete, sign, mail or fax an application to the...

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Austax - Quick & Easy Online Tax Lodgement



We offer a wide range of professional services ranging from basic individual/business return preparation, Bookkeeping services. Business structure setups, and general advice to help you maintain a competitive advantage for all your tax compliance protocols.


We are specialists in Defence Personnel Tax Returns. Knowing how to accurately include items such as...

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Buying A Car For Uber – DriveTax Australia

First Considerations

A common misconception to clear up right away is that you'll 'get it all back on tax'. This is not the case. When you claim a tax deduction, you only get back some of the money you spend. For example, if your taxable income is between $37k and $87k you're in the 34.5% tax bracket, so you'll get back 34.5 cents of every dollar you spend. The other 65.5 cents comes directly out...

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eSmart Tax Review 2019 - Free Online Tax Filing

eSmart Tax

CPA Involvement: Not directly; free CPA support available by phone with most plans�

Plans: Free, free for simple situations (1040EZ); Basic, $34.95, for moderately complex situations (including itemized deductions); Deluxe, $45.95, for investors and other complex situations; Premium, $59.95, for small business owners and other very complex situations

State Returns Included: No;...

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Chapter 22 - Individual Income Tax


002.01 Resident individuals. The Nebraska individual income tax is imposed for each taxable year on the entire income of every resident individual. The tax is a percentage of the taxpayer's Nebraska taxable income for the taxable year plus a percentage of the federal alternative minimum tax and the federal tax on premature or lump-sum...

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Date: 2017-11-28 17:13:24
Website: http://www.revenue.nebraska.gov

How To Renew My ITIN Number

By Robert Acevedo November 10, 2016 Leave a comment

Recently, in the month of August, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced a few changes in the laws of Individual Taxpayer's Identification Number (ITIN) for taxpayers. Due to the changes made under this law, taxpayers may need to renew their ITIN number. As a result, a question, "How to renew my ITIN number?" is rife nowadays. An ITIN...

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Notice of Tax Return Change | California Franchise Tax Board

We disallowed your Earned Income Tax Credit because your investment income exceeds the limit.

Gather: 1099-B, 1099-INT showing your investment income

Contact or submit documents to the Filing Compliance Bureau:

Phone: 916.845.7088

Mail: Franchise Tax Board MS 151

PO Box 1468


We disallowed your Earned Income Tax Credit because your investment income exceeds the limit.

Gather: W-2s, tax return,...

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Website: https://origin-www.ftb.ca.gov

The use of QSubs in S corporation tax planning

The use of QSubs in S corporation tax planning

Understand the opportunity and know the potential pitfalls

Mark A. Sellner, CPA, JD, LLM (taxation), adjunct professor, University of St. Thomas Law School

Note: This article originally appeared in the October 2012 Footnote. Due to popularity of the topic, it has been reviewed by Mark Sellner and re-posted in October 2015.

When there is a business...

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Website: http://www.mncpa.org

Sheldon Accounting - Tax Return Sydney

Tax Returns

Play Video

Sydney based accounting firm, Sheldon Accounting focuses on a personalised services approach delivering a full service accounting package and that allows our clients to focus on their core activities.

Whether you need a tax return lodgement or are a small-medium sized business we can assist and provide an end to end service that meets your needs. Sheldon Accounting can help...

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T2 Corporation – Income Tax Guide – Chapter 8: Page 8 of ...

In field 100, enter the regulation number that applies to attribute the taxable income.


Part 2 of Schedule 5 - Provincial and territorial tax credits and rebates

Complete Part 2 of Schedule 5 if one of the following applies:

there is provincial or territorial tax (and a permanent establishment in more than one province or territory)

there is a claim for provincial or territorial...

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Special Report - Small Business Taxes & Management

The checklist is intended for S corporations, but the majority of the items apply to sole proprietorships. The checklist assumes you're starting with an income statement and balance sheet, that is, you're using your accounting income and applying it to your tax return. Thus, you should already have accounted for all your income and expenditures. The checklist will help you put the numbers on...

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) | UFile

Is UFile ONLINE a type of software?

UFile is an interview-driven tax preparation Web application, so it is a type of software, but it resides on our secure servers at all times. This means that you don't have to download it or update it when tax codes change. We do that in the background.

As you prepare your tax return using UFile ONLINE, you are virtually sitting at one of our workstations. The...

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Gift tax in the United States - Wikipedia

A gift tax is a tax imposed on the transfer of ownership of property . The United States Internal Revenue Service says, a gift is "Any transfer to an individual , either directly or indirectly, where full compensation (measured in money or money's worth) is not received in return." [1]

When a taxable gift in the form of cash, stocks, real estate, or other tangible or intangible property is made,...

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Website: https://en.wikipedia.org

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iTaxAdvance.com - Tax Refund Loans or Tax Refund ...

Your income and your job will get you approved for our tax refund loans.

iTaxAdvance.com Simply Means Tax Refund Loans

If you need a tax refund anticipation loan, iTaxAdvance.com is here for you. Our application is fast and easy. We get your loan approved within seconds. And our website keeps your information secure and confidential. Please feel free to check out our website at anytime, day...

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India Tax Return Calendar & Tax Filing Deadlines - Work My ...

India Tax Calendar

June 15

Payment of first instalment of advance tax up to 15% in Challan No. 280 (for companies only). For the financial year 2015-16. Assessment year 2016-17.

July 31

Return of income for A.Y. 2015-16, by-- (I) Salaried employees and other individuals having incomes other than from business, in Form ITR-1 or 2 (II) non-company assessees having business income (not required to get their accounts audited) in Form ITR-3, 4 or 5.This date has been extended to 31st August for current year only.

August 31

Annual Information Return in Form 61A for the year 2014 - 15

September 15

Payment of first...

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Helping Employees Change their Withholding | Paychex

Did you know that once an employee completes the� Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate (Form W-4) �to indicate the number of exemptions used for purposes of figuring income tax withholding on their compensation, they don't have to submit a new form?

You continue to calculate withholding based on the original information, but staff members are allowed to submit a revised form at any...

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Business Expenses for Tax Deduction - Canada Business Tax

You can deduct all ordinary commercial insurance premiums you incur on any buildings, machinery, and equipment you use in your business.

The insurance costs related to motor vehicles have to be claimed as Motor vehicle expenses.

The insurance costs related to business use of work space in your home have to be claimed as business-use-of-home expenses. See Business-use-of-home expenses.

You cannot...

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International Tax | Caplin & Drysdale

If you are planning a cross-border transaction, operation, or investment, you must deal with a daunting array of U.S. tax rules. The structure you choose will have both immediate and long-term tax consequences, some of which are direct and obvious and others of which are indirect and hidden. Your choice of entities can be critical to your success and the "check-the-box" rules offer�considerable...

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Home - Bureau of Internal Revenue


Regulations implementing the VAT provisions under the Train Law.  RR 13-2018

Consolidated Rules and Regulations on Estate Tax and Donor's Tax pursuant to the TRAIN Law.  RR 12-2018

Amends certain provisions of RR No. 2-98 to implement further amendments pursuant to TRAIN Law relative to withholding of Income Tax.  RR 11-2018

Creation of ATC for the remittance of Creditable/Final Income...

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Website: bir.gov.ph

Immigrant advocate in Arizona gets 18-month sentence in ...

By Associated Press | February 20, 2019 at 6:16 am

UPDATED: February 20, 2019 at 1:22 pm

In this July 14, 2006, file photo, Elias Bermudez, lower right, kneels before then-Sheriff Joe Arpaio at a protest over the lawman's immigration crackdowns. Bermudez, who led the pro-immigrant group Immigrants Without Borders, is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019, in Phoenix for a felony...

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S Corp - Forming an S Corporation | BizFilings

Learn More

Why choose an S corporation?

S corps are corporations that have elected a special tax status with the IRS. S corporations provide the same limited liability to owners (called shareholders) as C corporations , meaning that owners typically are not personally responsible for business debt and liabilities; however, S corporations have pass-through taxation. S corps do not pay tax at the...

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Which free software should you use to file your income tax ...

Mon., April 16, 2018

Canadian taxpayers have until April 30 to submit their personal taxes for 2017. Despite that deadline fast approaching, many wait until the last minute to prepare and file their taxes.

The good news for do-it-yourself tax filers is that basic tax preparation software is free and rather intuitive to use. Two of the main free software providers are TurboTax and...

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Website: https://www.thestar.com

Tax-Savvy Ways to Sell Your Canadian Business - dummies

Tax-Savvy Ways to Sell Your Canadian Business

Tax-Savvy Ways to Sell Your Canadian Business

If you're the owner of a small business in Canada, your company is likely your most valuable asset. You may have dreams of selling the business one day and using the proceeds to travel or invest in another business. Or you may be considering selling part of your business to a partner to reduce the amount...

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Federal Tax Benefits - ConserveLands.com


Federal Tax Benefits

The federal tax benefits of donating conservation easements are defined under Section 170 of the IRS Code. Enhanced federal tax benefits were extended by Congress for 2013.  Efforts to make these incentives permanent are continuing but the likelihood is uncertain given the challenges of implementing federal policy changes in Washington. Tax benefits that are derived from...

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Website: http://www.conservelands.com

Tax Insights: 2018 Annual tax filing and remittance ...

Canadian corporations are required to file annual income and capital tax returns (due six months1 following each taxation year end), and to meet several other Canadian annual filing and remittance deadlines. This Tax Insights outlines some of the more common compliance requirements to be considered at this time of year. Others also may apply (e.g. T4A information return to report certain benefits...

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Website: https://www.pwc.com

The Most Tax-Efficient Way For Canadians Buying A Real ...

This article will discuss the top 3 strategies used by Canadian investors when purchasing a U.S. property. The goals of these 3 methods are to:

Minimize risk

Maximize returns

Ideal Time for Canadians buying a US property

With US real estate prices near an all time low, and the Canadian dollar near an all time high relative to the US dollar, buying a property in the US has never been more...

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UK - Income Tax | KPMG | GLOBAL

rental income

trust income: and,

certain gains from offshore funds which do not report any arising income (i.e. it is all rolled up within the fund and reflected in an increased unit value) are also subject to income tax

Other types of income and capital receipts may also be subject to U.K. income taxes but are outside the scope of this document.

Employment income is taxable when received, or...

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Date: 2018-03-23 00:14:46
Website: https://home.kpmg.com

Taxes and Homeowners Associations: A ... - Martinsburg, WV

If you own a home in a planned community or development there is a good chance you are a member of a homeowners' association (HOA).� One perplexing aspect of HOA management is following the tax reporting requirements of the IRS.� Some common questions our office receives are "Must our HOA file a tax return?"� "What return must it file?" and "What happens if we haven't filed for a number of...

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Date: 2018-03-23 04:18:34
Website: http://hbsbusiness.com

Tax & Business Services | John F Howes CPA

Map to Office


Welcome to the website of John F. Howes, CPA. We are a full service tax preparation, planning and business services firm. �Please call or email about any questions that you have or needs that you want addressed. Be sure to check out our CpaJohnBlog here .� Our firm is accepting new clients.

Tax Preparation, Planning and Business Services

Providing you with competent,...

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Website: http://www.cpajohn.com

Requirement to Correct tax due on offshore assets - GOV.UK


Requirement to Correct tax due on offshore assets

Find out who has a Requirement to Correct, when a correction must be made, and what the penalties are for non-compliance.

Published 16 November 2017

Last updated 21 August 2018 -- see all updates


Part Three: future changes to this guidance

This guidance provides information about the new Requirement to Correct ( RTC )...

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Website: https://www.gov.uk

Chartered accountant in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville ...

Accurate advice from trained accounting professionals !

Portfolio Management for all businesses !

Accounting & Taxes at great prices !


There are many tax planning strategies to reduce taxes but here are a few of them:

When you are on pension, you can split your pension income up to 50% of the income with your spouse and lower your overall tax bill and...

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Date: 2016-07-08 18:51:20
Website: http://www.rakesh.ca

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ITR forms for FY 2016-17(AY 2017-18) income tax return ...

14 Responses to ITR forms for FY 2016-17(AY 2017-18) income tax return forms for e-filing

s k nayak April 1, 2017 at 1:00 am #

thank... you... so much for providing such important.. information...

s k nayak April 1, 2017 at 1:01 am #

thank you so much for such important information

Yaseen April 2, 2017 at 8:23 pm #

I don't have adhaar.can I still fill itr4 sugam.

cleartax-team April 5, 2017 at...

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Self Assessment Tax Returns | TaxAssist Accountants

Self Assessment Tax Returns

The UK has one of the largest tax codes in the world, so preparing even the most straightforward tax return can be complicated. There are various deadlines and responsibilities for taxpayers to be aware of.

The most common reasons that a tax return may be required are as follows:

You are self employed or a partner in a partnership

You are a company director

You have large amounts of savings or investment income

You have untaxed savings or investment income

You own land or property that is being let

Your household receives Child Benefit and you have income in excess of £50,000

You have...

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Website: https://www.taxassist.co.uk

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Accountants Desktop | Specially created for Tax ...


Excel Templates

We have hundreds of Excel templates for those regular�annual calculations and reconciliations as well as more specialised work on�ATO Benchmarks, Budgets & Projections, Business Valuations, Division 7A Loans and other Financial Calculations.

ATO News

To help you keep up to date, we keep�a summary of�ATO update emails, where that content is relevant to small and...

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Website: https://accountantsdesktop.com.au

Tax Accountant Adelaide, South Australia | Tax Agent Adelaide

Established in June 1996, Registered Tax Agents and Accountants, Highland Accounting Services are located in Adelaide's north-eastern suburb of Gilles Plains.

We specialise in preparing income tax...

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Date: 2018-03-23 04:12:02
Website: http://www.accountantplus.com.au

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Limited Liability Companies - California

What is a Limited Liability Company?

A limited liability company (LLC) combines traditional corporate and partnership characteristics. Members of a limited liability company are given the same advantage of limited liability as shareholders of a corporation, while generally being taxable at the member level, like a partner in a partnership.

Limited Liability Companies Treated as Corporations


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Website: http://www.taxes.ca.gov

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Depreciation rates: Tax depreciation myths debunked

There are some particular quirks and rules that apply when it comes to claiming a tax depreciation deduction.� In this article we take a look at some of the common myths that prevail and tax rules that apply in this area.

Myth #1 - All depreciable assets with a cost of $500 or less can be written off immediately

Not necessarily.� It is true that assets with a cost of $500 or less (low value...

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Website: https://www2.deloitte.com

Self Employed Income Tax Calculator 2019

Self Employed Income Tax Calculator 2019 - We make tax filing easy! Spend less, but get more with the best tax preparation software. The easy, simple, and 100% accurate way to file taxes online.

���� ����

Self Employed Income Tax Calculator 2019

As head of households should also take care of one or more dependents than...

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Website: http://selfemployedincometaxcalculatoryear.taxpre ...

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Where To Send 2019 Federal Tax Return

Where To Send 2019 Federal Tax Return - We make tax filing easy! Spend less, but get more with the best tax preparation software. The easy, simple, and 100% accurate way to file taxes online.

���� ����

Where To Send 2019 Federal Tax Return

The taxpayer must make all the tax preparation and what you might have the requirement specialists as it can not be done by...

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Website: http://wheretosendyearfederaltaxreturn.taxprepara ...

Singapore Goods & Services (GST) - VAT Tax Guide ...

Singapore Goods & Services Tax Guide

This guide provides an overview of the key concepts of Singapore's Goods & Services Tax (GST) system as it relates to Singapore companies - definition of GST, registration requirements, advantages and disadvantages of GST registration, filing GST returns, and schemes to aid businesses.

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) was implemented on 1st April 1994 in...

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Website: https://www.guidemesingapore.com

Payroll Compliance Calendar | APA


Last day to furnish Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, to employees to report wages, allocated tips, and amounts withheld from wages in 2018. If an employee agreed to receive Form W-2 electronically, have it posted on a website and notify the employee of the posting. (Retired employees should be given Form 1099-R).

Annual information returns on the Form 1099 series (such as Form...

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Website: https://www.americanpayroll.org

10 Most Overlooked Small-Business Tax Deductions | OPEN Forum

Whether you prepare your own tax returns or have an accountant do it, keep your eyes peeled for these 10 frequently missed tax deductions.

March 04, 2014

U.S. federal tax laws allow you to subtract certain costs from your business income so you only pay tax on the net amount. Failing to use these deduction options effectively can really hike your tax bill, so be sure not to overlook any write-off...

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Website: https://www.americanexpress.com

Chapter 5747: INCOME TAX - Lawriter - ORC - Ohio Laws and ...

5747.01 Income tax definitions.

Except as otherwise expressly provided or clearly appearing from the context, any term used in this chapter that is not otherwise defined in this section has the same meaning as when used in a comparable context in the laws of the United States relating to federal income taxes or if not used in a comparable context in those laws, has the same...

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Website: http://codes.ohio.gov

What's In Trump's Tax Returns From 2005 - The Atlantic

Text Size

What's in Donald Trump's tax returns?

The simple question has simmered under many of the president's controversies, ranging from his personal wealth (Is he actually as rich as he claims? Does he pay taxes on it?) to his Russia policies (Does he owe money to Kremlin-linked banks?).

On the Tuesday night broadcast of her eponymous show, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow revealed his most recent...

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Website: https://www.theatlantic.com

Expat Tax Advice - Experts for Expats

Taxes for Expats

Expat Tax Advice

If you are a British expat it is essential you understand your tax requirements to avoid potential fines and penalties. This guide details your UK tax requirements

Last updated 6 March 2019

Expat tax affairs can be complicated. We've created this comprehensive guide to help you understand your tax requirements as a British expat.

A common mistake of British...

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Website: https://www.expertsforexpats.com

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Returning NRI: What happens to your NRO, NRE and FCNR ...

/ Returning NRI: What happens to your NRO, NRE and FCNR accounts?

Returning NRI: What happens to your NRO, NRE and FCNR accounts?

March 10, 2016

by Deepesh Raghaw 378 Comments

If you are a non-resident and planning to return to India, there are many questions that worry you.

What about your assets acquired abroad? Can you hold them or do you have to dispose them? What about your NRO, NRE and FCNR...

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Website: https://www.personalfinanceplan.in

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