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Obligations of states and their political subdivisions, other than New Jersey

Any other interest not specifically exempt

Forfeiture Penalty for Early Withdrawal

If you incur a penalty by withdrawing a time deposit early, you may subtract the amount of the penalty from your...

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How to Maximize Your Tax Refund in 2017 - Credit.com

How to Maximize Your Tax Refund in 2017

How to Maximize Your Tax Refund in 2017

March 13, 2017

by Lucy Lazarony

No one wants to owe Uncle Sam come tax season -- and if you're the looking for the quickest way to ensure a refund, you might want to simply increase your withholding each month. You can do that by filling out a new W-4 form with your employer. Still, even if you suspect you've kept...

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Michigan State Income Tax - 2018 State Taxes Guide

Michigan State Income Tax - 2018 State Taxes Guide

Marine preparing his taxes



Determining whether or not you have to pay taxes on your Social Security benefits really comes down to two factors: 1) your tax filing status, and 2) the amount of your "combined" income. Generally speaking though, you will not have to pay any taxes on your Social Security benefits at all, if that is your only...

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Three Problems With Turbo Tax and How to Fix Them ...

June 10, 2017 at 4:59 pm

Hi Penny,

I don't believe that you can e-file a back year tax return with Turbo Tax online. So you've got a problem. One of those returns was filed, the other should have been rejected. You'll have to figure out which one the IRS got.

If the IRS received the 2016 return - you're good. If not, then you'll have to amend your 2016 with the correct figures.

You will need...

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Make Tax Time Easy: A Must-Read Tax Checklist for Your ...

To help you (the small business owner) hone your taxes in 2017, we put together this easy-to-follow tax checklist.

1. File the Correct Tax Form According to Your Business Structure

In the US, sole proprietors and single-member LLCs report business income and expenses on Schedule C that is attached to their Form 1040 Individual Income Tax Return.

If your business is a partnership or multi-member...

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How to Adjust Your Tax Withholding for 2017 - Human Interest

Given that the IRS pays no interest on your refund unless it is from 2014 or earlier, there's an additional opportunity cost. Get your money back, taxpayer! Let's review how to plan ahead for adjusting your tax withholding in 2017 for when you file your taxes in 2018.

Calculate your withholding for 2017

Gather the following documents and data:

Most recent pay stub(s)

Most recent tax return (2015...

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Due Date/Extension to File Income Tax Return (2017 IL-1040)

Your Illinois filing period is the same as your federal filing period. We will assume that you are filing your Form IL-1040 for calendar year 2017 unless you indicate a different filing period in the space provided at the top of the return. The due date for calendar year filers is April 17, 2018.


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2017 Tax Transcript Cycle Code Chart ⋆ RefundTalk.com

2017 Tax Transcript Cycle Code Chart

Again this year, the IRS Tax Refund Site, Where's my Refund? is often overloaded.� When you e-file, your tax return is usually accepted within 24 hours of filing by the IRS.� Then your seemingly endless wait begins for the orange bar to move to approved.� We are receiving reports daily from this year's filers that their bars disappear completely a day or...

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2017 - 2018 Ohio State Tax Forms & Instructions


Ohio Taxes

Ohio collects income taxes from its residents at 9 rates ranging from 0.587 to 5.925 depending upon income earned and filing status.

Ohio residents are required to file taxes using forms IT 1040 or IT 1040EZ by...

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Changes to Your 2018 Tax Filing and the Effects on Your ...

Applying for Mortage

It's tax season, meaning that somewhere out there at this very moment an accountant is smiling. The IRS has made some changes to its personal income tax returns (1040s), the form most Americans use to file their taxes.

The goal was to simplify a form that was several pages long. Whether they accomplished this goal might depend on who you ask and how you ask the question. They...

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Simple US 2019 Federal Income Tax & Tax Rebate Calculator

Moving Expenses

What are the Five Most Common Deductions People Put on Their Taxes?

Deductions are things you can pay during the year and subtract the total amount from your overall income level when it comes time to file your taxes. The top five deductions people put on their taxes are listed below.

Dental and Medical Expenses. You can subtract any medical or dental costs from your income. This...

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Estimated Quarterly Tax Payments: IRS 1040-ES Guide & Dates

IRS Estimated Quarterly Tax Payments: 1040-ES Guide & Dates

The IRS requires some taxpayers to make estimated quarterly tax payments. Staying on top of your quarterly payments will help ensure you pay no unnecessary penalties at the end of the year for underpayment. Here's a look at who needs to make these payments, how to figure out what how much to pay, various options to pay what is due, and...

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CPA Miami Florida Tax Firm South Brody Associates PA

Real Estate International Tax

Latest News

Brody & Associates is a high-end tax and assurance firm that prides itself on establishing extraordinary relationships with our clients. We are well known for our depth of knowledge in Real Estate and International Tax (our main practice areas); whereby, we proactively provide significant value in all aspects of our services to assist you on reaching your...

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UPDATES! How do you calculate the alternative minimum tax ...

UPDATES! How do you calculate the alternative minimum tax?

The alternative minimum tax (AMT) system is complicated. It requires you first to compute your tax liability as you normally would by completing your IRS Form 1040 tax return. Then you separately recompute your taxes under the AMT system by following its special rules. (See IRS Form 6251 , Alternative Minimum Tax (Individuals), and its...

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How do I deduct the Portland, Oregon Arts Tax. Last year ...

The City of Portland Arts tax form is available in the TurboTax software.� However, you need to access it through the Oregon state tax module (or via the Forms Mode, if you're working in TurboTax desktop instead of TurboTax online).� Also, deducting the Arts tax (for the year in which you paid it), and paying the Arts tax this year, are actually (2) different and completely separate steps.�...

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TaxAct 2017 Premium - File Your Taxes Online with Audit ...

System Requirements

Audit Defense

Rest assured: We've got you covered with comprehensive response and resolution strategies, including assistance with tax debt relief, denied credits, fraud and more. We'll even handle correspondence with the IRS and State on your behalf.

Deduction Maximizer

Keep more of your self-employment income with a simple tool designed for freelancers and independent...

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How Moving Abroad Mid-Year Affects US Taxes

David McKeegan �shares����

If you're considering a move overseas, whether for a job or simply to explore the world, chances are, you aren't making plans based on the tax year. You're probably going to move when it best fits your schedule, which means there are some implications related to US taxes�you should be aware of as an expat. There are certain tax benefits that apply to expats,...

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Marty Kiar - Broward County Property Appraiser

BCPA - Senior Instructions

Low-Income Senior's Additional Homestead Exemption

Many Florida senior citizens are now eligible to claim an additional $25,000 Exemption -- which applies only to the County's portion of the taxes and city taxes for residents of cities which also adopted the additional exemption. By local option, the county and cities may adopt an ordinance increasing this exemption...

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2017 Income Tax Calculator - dir.ct.gov

PURPOSE: Use this calculator to determine your Connecticut income tax. Select the filing status as checked on the front of your tax return and enter your Connecticut Adjusted...

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Date: 2017-12-19 19:59:37
Website: http://www.dir.ct.gov

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IRS Form 1040EZ FAQs | 1040EZ Form 2017 | 1040EZ Online


Frequently Asked Questions

The 1040EZ is one of the most commonly used tax forms in the U.S. Many people can qualify to use it, so naturally, there are plenty of questions on how to file. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the 1040EZ.

Filing Requirements

1. What is the 1040EZ form?

The 1040EZ is the shortest federal individual income tax form.

2. Why should you use the...

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Amazon.com: TurboTax Home & Business Tax Software 2017 Fed ...

Everything You Need to Easily Do Your Personal and Self-Employed Taxes

Extra guidance for new businesses - shows startup tax deductions new businesses can take

Extra coaching to maximize small business and self-employment deductions, such as home office, vehicle, phone and supplies

Walks you through industry-specific tax write-offs to help you spot commonly-overlooked deductions

Extra help for...

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2018 1040NR Form and Instructions - incometaxpro.net

2018 1040NR Form and Instructions

Printable IRS Forms, Schedules, Worksheet, Tax Table

Print IRS 2018 1040NR Form and IRS 2018 1040NR Instructions to prepare your 2019 federal income tax return.

Free printable IRS 2018 1040NR form and 2018 1040NR instructions booklet PDF file with supporting federal IRS forms, schedules, worksheet and Form 1040NR tax table for the 2019 income tax season.

For the...

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Date: 2019-02-08 03:32:12
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TaxAct 2017 Plus - File Your Itemized State & Federal ...

System Requirements

Extended Access to Your Return

With unlimited access to your prior year tax return for 7 years after the filing deadline, it's easy to complete your return, print backup copies (IRS fee is $50 per copy) and plan for next year.

Perfect for your unique situation

Get the biggest tax breaks from your mortgage interest, investments and more. If you own a home, have investments, or...

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Mileage tax deduction rates for 2018 bumped up a bit - Don ...


Potential tax reform effects: Before you get too excited (or as excited as you can) about an added penny to 2018 mileage deduction claims, remember that they could be affected by tax reform legislation making its way through Congress as I type.

Business mileage will still be allowed, much to the relief of the millions of self-employed taxpayers who claim their work-related travel on...

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Alternative Minimum Tax: Common Questions - TurboTax Tax ...


Why does the AMT exist?

In 1969, Congress noticed that 155 people with high incomes were legally using so many deductions and other tax breaks that they were paying absolutely nothing in federal income taxes. Their nonexistent tax bills were an embarrassment.

So Congress instituted the AMT with the aim of making the tax system fairer. But because the AMT was never indexed to inflation--as...

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2017, 2018 IRS 1040EZ Tax Return Form Guide – National Tax ...

It is important to review the three types of individual tax forms. They are 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ. Each form has minor differences, which is why it is important to make sure it is the right option for your individual tax filing needs.

The quickest and easiest form to file is the 1040EZ , which is typically used by younger adults with no itemizations or dependents. The 1040A is a little more...

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Tax Extension Deadline 2017: What You Need to Know | Money

If you filed for a tax extension back in April, the day of reckoning is almost here. Monday, Oct. 16, is the deadline this year to hand your tax forms over to the IRS.

Here's everything you need to know to make sure the IRS receives your return on time for this year's tax extension deadline.

What forms you'll need:

To prepare your tax return accurately, you'll need to tally all your income for...

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Can I Claim Rent Payments on My Taxes? | Pocketsense

There's No Federal Rent Tax Credit or Deduction

Taxpayers who take a standard deduction cannot claim rent payments on their federal tax return.Renters can't deduct mortgage interest or property taxes on their rental like homeowners, because they do not own the property.

The only exception would be if your lease agreement states that some of your rent goes towards property taxes, in which case you...

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Make Michigan Individual Income Tax e-Payments

e-Payments Can Be Made For The Following:

Select the payment type 2017 MI-1040 for the following type of payments:

Payment for tax due on the 2017 MI-1040

Payment in response to a 2017 Proposed Tax Due letter sent to you by the Michigan Department of Treasury

Michigan Estimated Income Tax for Individuals MI-1040ES

Select the payment type 2018 Estimate

Estimate payments will apply to the quarter...

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Date: 2018-01-24 15:35:49
Website: https://treas-secure.state.mi.us

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How to claim the Federal 30% tax ... - Solar Power Rocks

Instructions for both those forms

A pencil

Some snacks to keep your energy up... something not too greasy, though... wouldn't want to smudge the forms... pretzels are always a nice choice

Some water, maybe, if your mouth gets dry from the pretzels

A calculator

Fill out your Form 1040 as you normally would. Stop when you get down to line 53, and move to Form 5695. Write or type your name in the...

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Financial Aid for Students - San Diego City College


2018-2019 FAFSA and dream act application processing

For the 2018-2019 school year, Financial Aid will be using a new system. We will begin loading FAFSA and Dream Act applications in late April 2018 and begin emailing students to turn in documents needed to be awarded aid for the Fall 2018 semester. Stay tuned for more information.

2018-2019 ca dream act application

AB540 Dreamer...

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Website: http://www.sdcity.edu

The DIY-Tax-Filing Checklist that Every Small Business ...

March 8, 2018 | By Lin Pernille Kristensen

It's tax time! If you currently use an accountant to help you with your taxes but you've always wondered if you could handle it by yourself, this post is for you.

If you're an LLC with a single owner, doing your own taxes is actually much simpler than you might expect. You don't have to worry about a corporate tax return or any W-2's for employees...

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Tax Center - Putnam Investments

Developing a tax-smart retirement income strategy (PDF)

Select a form:

Putnam's consolidated Form 1099-Div lists all taxable dividends, exempt interest dividends, and qualified dividends. It will also list capital gain distributions, nondividend distributions, federal income tax withheld, foreign tax paid and specified private bond activity. The dividends and capital gains shown on Form 1099-DIV...

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FreeTax USA Deluxe 2018 (Tax Year 2017) Review & Rating ...


Common Traits

As the name implies, FreeTax USA is, in fact, totally free unless you're filing a state return ($12.95) or want the advanced support options in the Deluxe version ($6.99), which is what I reviewed. Credit Karma Tax is also free, but it doesn't charge extra for filing a state return. It also provides less in the way of support.

Regardless of price, all the sites I reviewed...

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How Can I Get My IRS PIN From Last Year's Taxes?

How Can I Get My IRS PIN From Last Year's Taxes?

By: LD Withaar

Reviewed by: Ryan Cockerham, CISI Capital Markets and Corporate Finance

Updated November 21, 2018

Reviewed by: Ryan Cockerham, CISI Capital Markets and Corporate Finance

Updated November 21, 2018

-> Learn More

When you e-file your tax return, an IRS PIN takes the place of your pen and ink signature, and verifies your identity to the...

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Join CIT - Community Income Tax

State fees (if filing state returns)

How Do We Stack Up?

Watch this short video to see just how easy it is to be cleaner and cheaper using CIT.

Pricing Calculator

Fill out this quick form to calcualte the savings per return with CIT.

Our Partners

Harness the full potential of your tax business with free access to both TaxWise Power Package[TM] & TaxWise Online. You can serve your clients who need...

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How to Qualify for the Additional Child Tax Credit | RapidTax

How to Qualify for the Additional Child Tax Credit

Posted by Robert Flanagan on February 1, 2017

Last modified: February 1, 2017

Feel like the coach of a small football team? The IRS gets it!

Whether you have just one on the way or five and counting, kids are expensive. That's why you should take advantage of tax cuts whenever possible. In addition to claiming them as dependents, you may also...

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Website: https://www.rapidtax.com

Tax Credits and Financial Aid: What You Should Know

Getting Student Education Tax Breaks

The American Opportunity Tax Credit, formerly the Hope credit, and the lifetime learning credit are both tax credits that you can claim on your federal tax return. The goal is to help defray the cost of education by reducing your income tax obligation, and if you do not qualify for either credit (as discussed below) you can opt for the tuition and...

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Website: http://www.collegescholarships.org

Adoption Tax Credit 2018 - nacac.org

Claiming the Federal Adoption Tax Credit for 2018

Updated March 2019

For more about the adoption tax credit, see our main page on the subject and our FAQS

If you finalized your adoption in a year other than 2018, please use the links in the menu to go to the page of the year that you adopted.

For adoptions finalized* in 2018, the adoption tax credit is up to $13,810 per child. The 2018 adoption...

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Website: https://www.nacac.org

E-File Federal and State Tax Extension Online For Free ...

Updated for 2017. This year, the deadline for federal tax filing is Tuesday, April 18th, 2017. If you file for an extension, you can extend the time allowed to file your return by six months to Monday, October 16, 2017. (It does not extend the time to pay any tax due.) There are many legitimate reasons to ask for such an extension, and the extension is granted automatically without needing to...

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Important Update Regarding 1098 Mortgage Interest ...

Update as of February 23, 2018: Congress decided to reinstate the tax provision on deductibility of mortgage insurance premiums retroactively for 2017 as part of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, which was signed into law on February 9, 2018. As a result, we're issuing corrected 1098 statements with the amount allocated to mortgage insurance premiums for 2017 in Box 5 if applicable. For more...

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Join CIT - Community Income Tax

State fees (if filing state returns)

How Do We Stack Up?

Watch this short video to see just how easy it is to be cleaner and cheaper using CIT.

Our Partners

Harness the full potential of your tax business with free access to both TaxWise Power Package[TM] & TaxWise Online. You can serve your clients who need to file individual, business or specialty returns in any state.  Utilize powerful tools...

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How Social Security works for the self-employed | Investopedia

How Social Security works for the self-employed

By Amy Fontinelle | Updated March 16, 2018 -- 4:09 PM EDT


When you work as an employee for someone else, that company or organization takes Social Security taxes out of your paycheck and sends the money to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) . In 2018, the Social Security tax rate is 6.2%, plus 1.45% for Hospital Insurance (commonly known as...

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US LLC Taxes – A tax haven for foreigners, and still a ...

A US-based LLC can have great tax advantages, especially for foreign entrepreneurs abroad. Even for US taxpayers, LLC taxes can be favorable.

An LLC is a pass-through tax entity. What this means is that the LLC is not taxed directly. Instead the profits and losses of the business pass through to its owners, who report them on their personal tax returns.

Tax-free LLC income for foreign owners of a...

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Website: https://onlinetaxman.com

use TurboTax to file your tax return - File My Taxes Online

7.1 Related posts:

Tax Deductions & Credits You May Qualify For

Finding�more tax deductions and credits�is one of the great benefits Intuit TurboTax has to offer.�You will get immediate information about deductions being claimed on your taxes already and ones that you are eligible to claim.

Here are a few of the best deductions and credits:

Mortgage Interest Deduction One of the�best...

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Website: filemytaxesonline.org

2017 Online 1040 Income Tax Calculator - Mortgage Calculator

Medical Or Dental Expenses

up to $10,000 in state and local taxes (SALT)

If any of these situations apply, it is easy to take some deductions from the taxes that you have to pay. Given this, you will want to make sure that you are gaining the maximum amount of value that you can out of these cuts to your tax bill.

1040 vs 1040EZ

How nice would it be if the "EZ" in 1040EZ stood for "easy"?...

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Website: https://www.mortgagecalculator.org

How to Request IRS Verification of Non-filing Letter, 2017 ...

Note: If you typically would have filed a Puerto Rican or Foreign Income Tax Return you must submit appropriate non-filing documentation from a relevant tax authority.

If you have trouble entering your street address into an online form, try these  address matching suggestions .

Information on acceptable forms from the IRS as documentation of non-filing status can be found here .


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Website: http://www.marquette.edu

How to Owe Nothing on Your Federal Tax Return - Investopedia

The way you fill out the� W-4 form �that you turn in to your employer when you start a new job determines how much tax you will have� withheld �from each paycheck, which affects how much you will ultimately owe or receive as a refund in April. What you may not know is that it's possible to submit a new W-4 form to your employer whenever you want - it's not a one-time thing. (For more...

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Website: https://www.investopedia.com

Massachusetts property transfer tax | Massachusetts Real ...

Tax Reform Act Alert: The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 has dramatically changed the tax treatment of real estate taxes and mortgage interest. Please review my overview of the new Tax Act here .

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is the one where Kramer tries to explain to Jerry how tax write-offs work . "It's all a write-off!" exclaims Kramer who, not surprisingly, had no idea what he was...

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Website: http://massrealestatelawblog.com

N-400 document requirements - 3-year tax transcript? - US ...

October 26, 2017

On 10/24/2017 at 5:29 PM, SusieQQQ said:

You are a resident, for U.S. federal tax purposes, if you are a Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States at any time during the calendar year. This is known as the "green card" test.

...If you meet the green card test at anytime during the calendar year, but do not meet the substantial presence test for that year, your residency...

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Website: visajourney.com