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S corp FAQ: How does S corporation prepare its tax return?


A handful of quick tips about preparing a profit and loss statement:

Tip #1: While you might be tempted to create all sorts of business-specific or industry-specific expense categories, try to combine these specific-to-your-situation terms into a logical, traditional category. Water, sewer, gas and garbage might all be grouped together as "utilities", for example.

Tip #2: Remember that...

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S Corporation Benefits Explained by a Small Business CPA


S corporations, or Subchapter S corporations, produce several tax benefits as compared to sole proprietorships and partnerships operating an active trade or business.

If you're considering using an S corporation for your business, therefore, you want to understand these benefits to make the best decision about whether or not to go the "S corporation route" and so you can maxmize your tax...

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S corp FAQ: Can sole proprietors become S corporations?

Can sole proprietors become S corporations?

Okay, the quick answer to this question is "yes."

One-person businesses can often operate as S corporations. And, in fact, many of the do-it-yourself kits I sell here seem to be purchased by self-employed individuals converting their sole proprietorships to subchapter S corporations.

Why a sole proprietor might use an S corporation

The rationale for...

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S corp FAQ: How low can you set S corporation salaries?


How Low Can You Set S Corporation Shareholder-Employee Salaries?

Obviously, the big savings from an S corporation come from setting salaries for shareholder--employees to some reasonable yet low figure. Everybody knows that--accountants, attorneys, small business owners and (of course) the Internal Revenue Service.

The big question, of course, is how low can you go?

Unfortunately, and...

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