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ATO tax return 2018: What will get you ‘red flagged’

Don't make these mistakes on your 2018 tax return1:20

Make the most on your tax return this year by avoiding these big mistakes!

June 14th 2018

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Don't spend it all at once.Source:istock

FAILING to list your spouse, claiming the maximum "receipt-less" deductions or forgetting to update your personal details are among the 10 things...

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ATO kills off e-Tax, promises myTax will let you lodge tax ...

Lodge your tax return from anywhere.Source:Supplied

eTax is dead. Long live eTax.

The Australian Taxation Office has announced that its legacy online tool has been retired, to be replaced with a new web-based system that will allow you to lodge your tax return in "a fraction of the time".

Assistant Commissioner Graham Whyte said eTax had been replaced with an "upgraded and improved" myTax, which...

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Tax return 2017 due date: October 31 is the deadline


Should we get rid of tax deductions?1:12

The ATO have seen it all, and Aussie's are claiming $21 billion in work related expenses per year. So should we be getting rid of individual tax deductions?

September 28th 2017

6 months ago

Don't try the old 'my accountant is in prison' excuse.Source:Getty Images

THE Australian Taxation Office has warned that today is the last day for individual...

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Tax return 2017 due date: October 31 is the deadline

THE Australian Taxation Office has warned that today is the last day for individual taxpayers to lodge their 2017 returns if they are not using an agent.

As of Sunday afternoon, more than 9.4 million Australians had lodged their tax returns, about four per cent more than at the same time last year.

In 2016-17, 10.9 million individuals were expected to need to lodge a return for the 2015-16...

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Tax return 2017: Mistakes to avoid this financial year


Tax return 2017: Mistakes to avoid this financial year

WHEN it comes to tax time, it's best to avoid all of them. Committing just one can land you in a heap of hot water.

What you should be doing to prepare for tax time1:53

David Koch gives some pointers on what you should be doing now to prepare for tax time.

February 26th 2016

3 years ago


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ATO tax deadline: What happens if you miss October 31?

David Koch on how to be prepared at tax time

September 25th 2017

6 months ago

It's better to lodge and work out a plan than delay in case you get a bill.Source:Supplied

FROM jailed accountants to rare conditions and arsonist ex-spouses, the ATO has heard some cracking excuses from Aussies who failed to lodge their tax returns on time.

Now, with less than one month left to lodge 2016/17 returns...

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Average income Australia: Median wages show how rich you are


To gain another perspective, you can also look at the average weekly income. In Australia it was $1567.90 (before tax), according to the latest ABS statistics for November 2017.

The ACT had the highest average weekly earnings at $1801 a week.

This was followed by Western Australia on $1740, then Northern Territory on $1642 and NSW on $1582.


Keeping in mind that the top 10 per cent of Australians get paid $109,668 a year or more, politician wages start to look very healthy.

Even a humble backbencher gets paid $203,030 as a base salary....

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