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US Expat In The UK? Tax Tips You Need To Know!

Your UK tax return is required to be filed by January 31st of the year following the end of the tax year if you electronically file your return. If the tax return is paper filed, it must be completed and filed by October 31st following the end of the tax year. There is no automatic extension available to file your UK tax return, but the HMRC may waive the late filing penalty if you meet certain...

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Foreign Tax Credit - Greenback Expat Tax Services

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Completing Form 1040 - The Face of your Tax Return - US ...

Completing Form 1040 for US Expat Taxes: Brian and Sarah Expat

Once you've gotten all of the income and deductions associated with your return, you'll be ready to complete Form 1040 of your US expat taxes. To better demonstrate the process of completing the form, let us introduce you to Brian Expat. Brian and his wife, Sarah, are US citizens and have lived in Pennsylvania all their lives. They...

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Working Overseas Tax for Americans Living in Singapore

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A US expat is considered to be a resident for tax purposes if he or she lived or worked in Singapore for at least 183 days during the calendar year. As a non-resident, your Singapore tax will be calculated at a flat rate of 15% of your employment income or using the progressive rate table shown above, whichever is greater. For Singapore year of assessment (YA) 2016 and earlier,...

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US Expat Guide to Filing an Australian Tax Return

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How Moving Abroad Mid-Year Affects US Taxes

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Determining California State Residency for Expatriate Tax ...

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How Does Superannuation Impact Your US Expatriate Tax Return?

So you have Australian superannuation, and you also have a US expatriate tax filing requirement as a citizen or US resident. What do you do? Let's take a look at how superannuation is taxed by the US and Australia, so you know what to expect come tax time!

Superannuation Basics

Australian superannuation funds are generally run as trusts. All employees over the age of 18...

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Everything You Need to Know About Streamlined Filing

When moving abroad, it is often easy to get caught up in the new and exciting. Expats pick up their lives and migrate around the world, in some cases never intending to reside stateside again. To embrace the "new" of their expatriate adventure, US citizens may overlook their "old" responsibilities, be completely unaware that these still exist or that they may need to...

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Greenback Expat Tax Services: The Tax Experts!

Greenback Expat Tax Services?

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The answer is simple - we are the US expat tax preparation experts. Filing taxes can be simple and hassle-free when you are working with a company who understands the challenges of filing as an American living overseas. Our owners, David and Carrie McKeegan, were expatriates themselves and were frustrated by how difficult (and expensive!) it was to file...

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