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How Does the Affordable Care Act Affect My Tax Return?

Important Health Insurance & Tax Dates

Who is Required to Have Health Insurance?

You must have have qualifying health insurance, qualify for an exemption, or make a tax payment for not having insurance when you file your tax return if you are:

A U.S. citizen OR

A non-U.S. citizen living in the United States.

What If I Already Have Health Insurance?

If you already have health insurance through...

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Student Income Tax Return Guide - E-file

Learn more about whether you have to file a tax return .

Which Tax Form Should I File or efile as a Student?

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Student, College, School, Education Tax Return Myths & Tips

Preparation Checklist

Student Tax Myths and How to File Tips

Taxes are a complicated topic, and there is information out there that is misleading to the average taxpayer, especially a student (or anyone) who may be filing their first tax return. Let us debunk 5 common student tax myths for you. We have also provided tax tips for beginners .

5 Common Student Tax Myths

When it comes to taxes, there...

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Tax Free Income-Ways to Save Taxes from Work to Retirement

Interest on EE/I bonds redeemed for qualified higher education expenses

Payments to the beneficiary of a deceased employee

Relocation payments or payments in lieu of worker's compensation

Rental allowance of clergyman

Social security benefits (if it is your only form of income)

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

What Are Other Examples of Nontaxable or Tax Free Income?

Please note...

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How To File Your State Income Tax Return Only On


How to File ONLY a State Tax Return on

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Foreign Earned Income Exclusion for Working, Living Abroad

Real/personal property insurance (homeowners & renters insurance)

Nonrefundable security deposits or lease payments

Housing expenses that don't qualify for the foreign housing exclusion include:

Cost of buying property (such as main mortgage payments)

Home improvements

Extravagant expenses (based on your situation)

Domestic labor (such as gardeners and maids)

Deductible taxes and interest...

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2015 Tax Return Calculators, Tools -

Here are the current 2018 Tax Year Calculators and Tools . The tools below are for 2015 only.

Find answers to important personal tax questions without having to...

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How Do I Claim Employee and Job Deductions On My Tax Return?

Work Related Education

What is Business Bad Debt?

A business bad debt is a loss incurred from a debt acquired in your trade or business. Any additional bad debt is classified as such only if there is a close relationship between the debt and your trade or business. There must be a business reason for incurring the debt in order for it to be classified as related to your trade or employment...

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Estimate Your 2018 Tax Refund with the 2017 Tax ...

Refund Estimator and Calculator for the Tax Year 2017

Tax Year 2017 refers to calendar year 2017 (January 1 - December 31). You...

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