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Tax Bill information - Broward County, Florida

Tax Payments

When are taxes due and when do they become delinquent?

All property taxes become due November 1st, must be paid no later than March 31st, and become delinquent if not paid before April 1st, Discounts are applied to tax bills paid in full between November 1st, and February 28th, (November 4%; December 3%; January 2%; February 1%).

Tax payments for current tax bills are posted...

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Property Taxes - Broward County, Florida

Broward County Records, Taxes and Treasury Division, an agency of the Broward County Board of County Commissioners, prints and mails tax notices to property owners, by November 1 of each year, as they appear on the certified tax roll. Mailing addresses used are those on record as of January 1 of the tax year.

Taxes are payable anytime between November 1 and March 31 the following year. A discount...

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Tourist Development Tax - Broward County, Florida

The Tourist Development Tax is sometimes referred to as resort tax, bed tax, local option tourist tax or transient rental tax. The Broward County Tourist Development Tax Rate is 6 percent.

The total rental charged every person who rents or leases any living quarters or accommodations such as a hotel/motel, apartment, rooming house, mobile home/RV park, condominiums, timeshare or single family...

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Deeds - Broward County, Florida

The Broward County Records, Taxes and Treasury Division:

places or "records" official documents, such as deeds, into the Official Record.

maintains a searchable database of recorded documents, including deeds, at our offices at the Broward County Governmental Center, 115 S. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale. You can also view an index and images of recorded deeds online.

provides certified copies of...

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Motor Vehicle Information -

Broward County Records, Taxes and Treasury Division serves as an agent for the state of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for the purpose of registering and titling motor vehicles, mobile homes and vessels, and issuance of Disabled Parking Permits.

Registration Requirements

Under state law, if you own a motor vehicle registered in Florida, you must renew your tag (vehicle...

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Official Records Public Search - Broward County, Florida

What type of information is available on the Official Records Public Search ?

The Official Records Public Search contains an index to documents recorded into the Official Records of Broward County, Florida between January 1, 1978, and the present, and actual images of documents recorded since August 1998. Images of documents recorded prior to August 1998 and the index to documents recorded before...

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Local Business Taxes - Broward County, Florida

Those who are exempt from paying a Local Business Tax include:

charitable groups

disabled individuals, including disabled veterans

individuals over 65 years of age

the following types of businesses:

Agriculture - exempt per 20.25, Broward County Code of Ordinances

Alcohol - must contact Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Division of Alcohol & Tobacco

Bail Bondsmen - must...

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U.S. Passports - Broward County, Florida

The Broward County Records, Taxes and Treasury Division's Passport Application Center, in our capacity as an Acceptance Facility, receives your DS-11 Application For A U.S. Passport. Once processed, your application (along with all required documentation) is sent to the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs for approval and processing. The process takes about four to six weeks if...

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