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IRS e-file for 2011 Income Tax Filing Now Available

Commercial Tax Software

Professional Tax Preparers

Regardless of which process you choose, utilizing e-file can not only save a lot of trees, but can also get the average taxpayer a refund in as little as three weeks.

1. Free File Software

Beginning January 17, 2012, you can use Free File to file your 2011 income tax return. Free File is one of the most popular services simply due to the fact...

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How to File Your Taxes Late If Have Unfiled Tax Returns

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How to File Your Taxes Late If Have Unfiled Tax Returns

It is never too late to file your tax returns even if you have not filed for several years. Generally, if you meet filing requirements, you need to file a tax return for this year and the past six years (but the IRS may request a tax return older than six years). It is important that you file your taxes before the IRS finds you (assuming you met filing requirements). If you do not file you could end up facing criminal charges and fines. If...

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Do I Need to File Taxes? Minimum Income Required for Filing

Tax returns for 2017 are due on Tuesday, April 17, 2018. Do you need to file a tax return? It depends on your income, age, filing status, and a few other factors. Generally, if you earned more than the standard deduction plus one exemption, you need to file, but here are the specifics.

Need to File a Tax Return

If you are in the following categories and your income is over the listed amount, you...

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Guide to Resolving New Jersey Back Taxes & Other Tax Problems

Guide to Resolving New Jersey Back Taxes & Other Tax Problems

Help Resolving Major IRS & State Tax Problems

Stop Wage Garnishments, Bank Levies & More

Potentially Reduce IRS & NJ State Penalties

Potentially Remove NJ & IRS Tax Liens

File Delinquent NJ & IRS Returns

Connect with a team of Tax Attorneys & CPAs

Help with State & IRS Audits

Obtain a Free Consultation & Likely Outcomes

The State of...

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IRS Collections: How Tax Debt Collection Process Works ...

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IRS Collections: How Collection Process Works & How to Stop

If you file your income tax return without paying your taxes in full, you will receive a bill ( CP-14 ) from the Internal Revenue Service. This bill begins the IRS collection process, a process which will become increasingly aggressive until you have paid the owed tax in full or until the IRS is no longer legally able to...

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Delinquent Taxes & Federal Returns - Definition and How To ...

Resolving delinquent taxes is not impossible. Just because April 15th has come and gone without filing your return does not mean that you are out of luck and in trouble with the IRS. Knowing how to resolve delinquent taxes is something that will help you handle this problem without delay.

There are many reasons why you need to file delinquent taxes. But before you get into that, you need to learn...

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Back Taxes Help: IRS and State Tax Debt Relief. Settlement ...

Immediate Tax Resolution Help for IRS or State Taxes

Help With Wage Garnishment & Bank Account Levies

Get Help with IRS Penalties & IRS Tax Liens

Resolve Payroll Tax Issues & File Delinquent Returns

Possibly Settle IRS or State Back Taxes for Less

Get Professionals to Work With IRS or State for You

Free Consultation With No Hidden Fees /...

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