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Nevada Tax Notes

October 2012

Taxation's New Executive Director; Tax Included in the Sales Price; Manufacturer's Extended Warranty es; What is Use Tax?; Successor's Liability; Modified Business Tax - Financial Institutions (MBT-FI); Business Records Needed for Audit; Penalty for Failure to Maintain Records; Voluntary Disclosures; Estimated Billings; "Ask the Advisors" Training Workshops; Holiday Closures


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Modified Business Tax Information & FAQ's

Modified Business Tax Information & FAQ's


Every employer who is subject to Nevada Unemployment Compensation Law (NRS 612) is also subject to the Modified Business Tax on total gross wages less employee health care benefits paid by the employer. Total gross wages are the total amount of all gross wages and reported tips paid for a calendar quarter as reported to the Employment Security...

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Modified Business Tax Forms

This is the standard quarterly return for reporting the Modified Business Tax for General Businesses. SB 283 of the 2015 Legislative Session became effective July 1, 2015 and changes the tax rate to 1.475 % from 1.17%. Additionally, the new threshold is decreased from $85,000 to $50,000 per quarter. If the sum of all taxable wages, after health care deductions, paid by the employer does not...

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Return&PaymentFAQs - Nevada

Who is required to file the Commerce Tax return?

Business entities engaged in business in Nevada have to file the Commerce Tax return. Refer to Filing Requirements FAQs for more information.

When is the Commerce Tax return due?

The Commerce Tax return is due 45 days following the end of the fiscal year. Generally, the due date is August 14. If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the...

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Commerce Tax News - Nevada

Commerce Tax Credit Video Training Now Available

(as of March 09, 2017)

As part of the Department's efforts to provide information to taxpayers about available credits, a new Commerce Tax Credit training is now available online. View the training .

Attention Affiliated Group Payroll Providers

(as of September 14, 2016)

The Affiliated Group Payroll Provider Application form and instructions have...

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Sales and use tax forms - Nevada

This is the standard monthly or quarterly Sales and Use Tax return used by the majority of taxpayers reporting sales and use tax for prior time periods. Effective 7-1-09, reflects the increased tax rate changes that occurred for all counties in the 2009 Legislative Session pursuant to SB 429. The correct tax rates will display based on the period selected. This form will calculate penalty and...

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Real Property TransferTax & FAQ's - Nevada



The Declaration of Value is a form prescribed by the Nevada Tax Commission to provide information with regard to the transfer of real property. The form must be filled out  completely and in compliance with recording standards.  It may be obtained in any County Recorder's Office and/or website (if a website is available in your

county). It may also be obtained from...

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Tax Forms - Nevada

The Department's Common Forms page has centralized all of our most used taxpayer forms for your convenience. The documents found below are available in at least one of three different formats (Microsoft Word, Excel, or Adobe Acrobat [.PDF]). Select the available appropriate format by clicking on the icon and following the on screen instructions to open or save a copy of the document.

*If you are using Chrome,...

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