1787 Network - Real ID report - Florida House of Representatives

Adrian Wyllie of the 1787 Network reporting from Tallahassee on the Florida House of Representatives Subcommittee on Federal Affairs testimony on Florida drivers licenses being in full compliance with Department of Homeland Security requirements of the Real ID act.

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Drivers license test 2017 Florida DMV Permit Practice Test 5

Florida DMV Permit Practice Test 5

Download for free DMV Handbook (Driver’s Manual) 2017:


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Florida Domicile

On top of great weather, Florida is business friendly, it has no state income or inheritance tax, and it has great asset protection laws. The are many misconceptions about domiciling in Florida, including misconceptions about property ownership, residency duration, driver’s license and voter registration. On top of having good sunscreen, you’ll need a CPA, a financial advisor and other professionals with domicile experience.

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Florida Shop Licensing Program Survives Deregulation Efforts

For the ASA press release concerning Florida House Bill 5005, visit http://www.asashop.org/news/2011/may2011/PR40.htm

Bob Redding, ASA's Washington, D.C. representative, talks to ASA member Terry Wynter about Florida House Bill 5005, entitled "Deregulations of Professions and Occupations."

HB 5055 would repeal Florida's law requiring the registration of motor vehicle repair shops, the Motor Vehicle Repair Advisory Council, andAutomotive Serivce Association, ASA, Automotive Repair,...

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Punta Gorda DMV/Tax Collector, Dont Film Here! You're Violating Federal Law!

I conduct a 1st amendment audit of the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles and am told filming in a public place is Illegal. 911 Called!

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Should I contact the DMV to schedule a hearing?

The question whether someone who is arrested should contact the DMV is an interesting one. DUI lawyer Jon Artz explains the advantages of contacting the DMV after you've been arrested.

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Auto Tags of Florida Services

Same Day Service

When you contact Pompano Beach’s premier tag renewal service, you can skip the hassle of dealing with the DMV to acquire, renew, or replace your Florida tags and permits.


Easy Online Tag Renewal

Are your tags nearing their expiration deadline? Send in your documents via email or fax, and receive quick turnaround for your vehicle or boat tags.


Custom Tags and Services

Are you looking for a custom license plate, a handicapped parking permit, or another service? Call...

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