Hinds County tax statements confuse some property owners

The Hinds County Tax Collectors office recently started sending out what appear to be tax bills to homeowners.

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Law Office of Seth D. Lubin, P.A.

Property Tax Reduction and Corporate Law: www.lubinlawfirm.com

Law Office of Seth D. Lubin P.A. - a full service Law Firm, including property tax reduction and appeals, and corporate, business and entrepreneur law. Based in Weston, Florida, we appeal property taxes for high-end residential and commercial property owners in Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County, as well as the rest of Florida. We work with clients by appealing their property tax valuation to the county. We...

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Wait Is Over For Driver's Licenses In Lantana

After more than two months of renovation, the tax collector's office in Lantana has its grand reopening, alleviating the long wait for driver's licenses.

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The Tax Foreclosure Certification Process - A Suit to Quiet Title Alternative

http://TheTaxSaleAcademy.com In this video we discuss the Tax Foreclosure Certification Process, which is another way to resolve the title clouds on tax sale properties. Title clouds prohibit us from conventional selling methods since title insurance isn't available. The tax foreclosure certification process is a possible resolution to some investors who would prefer not to do a suit to quiet title court action.

To get your free copy of The Tax Sale Blueprint head over to...

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Tags Today!

Tags Today from the Lee County Tax Collector is a fast and convenient way to renew your vehicle registration online. Just visit www.leetc.com for more information.

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US: Seminole County Florida To Accept Crypto For Tax Payment

US: Seminole County Florida To Accept Crypto For Tax Payment

The Seminole County, Florida, tax collector Joel M. Greenberg announced May 14 that the county will begin accepting cryptocurrency for payment for various services this summer in order to eliminate heavy fees and improve payment accuracy and efficiency. According to a press release, the county will ...



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IRS or Florida Dept. of Revenue Knocking on Your Door? Tax Attorney Ari Good Says Act Now


Florida tax attorney Ari Good says that if the IRS or the Florida Department of Revenue comes knocking on your door, it's important to act now. Sometimes when a representative from the IRS or Florida Dept. of Revenue shows up, it is not because you have done anything wrong.

When preparing for a visit from the IRS or Florida Dept. of Revenue, it's also very important to create the proper record up front to be ready for an assessment. Watch the video now to...

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Reply from Tarah Toohil's Office, Pa. State Rep.

In an earlier video I documented going to Tarah Toohil's office seeking a definition for a Certificate of Title for a Vehicle. As anticipated I got the runaround. In addition to what is mentioned in the video, a "title" is a license, a liability license, and that is all you own is that piece of paper. So far I have found out what a "title" is. 1. it is a confiscation receipt. 2. it is a tax certificate. 3. a liability license. and 4, its an owners license, meaning that document can be used as a...

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